Inspired by Gerhardt

Gerhardt Landgrebe had a daughter, Lora. That Gerhardt passed away. That Lora, had a daughter. Let’s call that daughter of the daughter: jhaki. That daughter of the daughter, discovered her grandfather, pious by title: Reverend, was motivated by type. Reverend Gerhardt Landgrebe typed some 500 pages of dark and swirling fiction. It should be digitalized. That Jhaki scanned it and thought it should be thoroughly read and retyped. That attempted reading created a monster. Current projects resulting:

-Book about the book

-Slices and dices of the copied manuscript for collage

-Reading the book

Of course, Jhaki takes it page by page. But when each page frees several collages, pages turn slowly. It will be read. It will be cut. It will be pasted. It will be written. It will be. 

Grand Copies


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