Weasel Press published one of my fav vignettes 16 Ounces of Coyote Urine in their Ordinary Madness issue. 

Meat for Tea featured Jhaki original artwork in their Black Forest issue.

The Offbeat published my poem Bump and Fork in their 17th Issue.

Bitterzoet Magazine featured short fiction Cycling in the Dark  a while back.

After the Pause featured artwork Progress Report in their Fall 2016  issue. 

Ghost Town Literary Magazine featured artwork Track 9 and The Stranger in their issue #8.

Lime Hawk featured artwork What Became in their Moth and Flame Issue #15.

Crack the Spine Literary Magazine featured artwork All Grown Up & Friends as a cover for their Issue #135. 

Black Scat Books has published Jhaki’s artwork in their Utter Nonsense issue. Buy here

Vine Leaves Literary Journal is republishing the vignette Blood Clots in their Best of Vine Leaves Literary 2014. Pre-order here.

Thought Collection Publishing featured artwork Stockholm’s Button in their Nature of Occurrences issue. Also, look for Jhaki (as Jacquelyn Schneller) as featured artist, now-ish

Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal published Jhaki’s vignette Without Butterflies in Issue 5. Read it here

Prick of the Spindle gives selected artwork a spot in Issue 7. Released October, 2014. Buy here.

ArtAscent Magazine plugged a little art piece called Long Walks in their Issue 9, ‘Pets’. 

Cactus Heart Press published Artwork: Night Walk, in their e-issue #9. Released September 2014. 

Paradise Review published Fiction: A cooler kicked her out in their latest issue.

Black Scat Review  gave artwork: seduction a chance. Buy the issue here

Grey Sparrow Journal named Fiction: A Cordial Abduction the 1st PLACE piece in the 2014 Flash Competition and will publish it in their upcoming anniversary issue, in both print and online.   

Cahoodaloodaling published Artwork: slappedcurfewlateslug season, and next (one as a cover) for their issue #13 SLAM IT! 

Vine Leaves Literary Journal gave Fiction: Blood Clots a chance. Issue #11, released July 18, 2014. 

Weave Magazine gave Art: Gerhardt and Sorting a chance. Issue 11, released July 2014. Order your copy here.

Cigale Literary Magazine gave Fiction:  Tiramisu + Math a chance. Issue released 3/31/14. 

Bartleby Snopes, issue 11, gave Artwork: Inspired by Gerhardt a chance.

Metazen gave Fiction: Chairs Reign a chance.

Number Eleven gave Fiction: Flushing Rubber a chance.

Skin to Skin gave Artwork: She shines a chance. Issue 05 

The Legendary gave Fiction: The Professors a chance. Issue 43. 


Publications Coming Soon:


Smokelong Quarterly has welcomed Jhaki onboard as a house artist. Stay Tuned. 

The Publication Almosts: 

Fish Publishing almost gave Flash Fiction: The Audience a chancelong-listing it for the 2014 Flash Fiction Prize. 

Vine Leaves Literary Journal almost gave Airplanes of this time and space: a collection a chance, awarding it a quarter-finalist for the 2014 Vignette Collection award,  instead. 


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