Get ’em while they’re hot. The first [publicized] product from jhakijhaki, based on the original logo. The Tyrannosewrus design roosts upon totes, shirts, techy-type covers, and more. BUY HERE.

Buy now at Redbubble.com

Buy now here.

Visit my humble store here.

Please note: I’m currently sampling different printers and selling portals. I am not able to physically touch a version of each product from each printer. Therefore, I am actually unaware how the T-rex looks on a pillow from this printer, for example. 

Please, please, please let me know personally via this site or email me at jhakimarie AT gmail DOT com. if you are dissatisfied with the printing, quality, or anything else. It will help me to narrow down my printing choices and improve the overall quality. We’ll definitely work out a refund and probably a reward for your carefully directed honesty. I only want happiness. And dinosaurs. I also want dinosaurs. 

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